Sunday, September 27, 2015


Hi! Long time no see huh? Technically it has only been about a month and a half but it feels like it has been so much longer since my last post. So many things have happened in real life that have contributed to my absence so I'm going to use this post to give an update on my life and let you all know what I have been up to.

To start off, the biggest change in the last month has definitely been the fact that I STARTED GRAD SCHOOL! Yes, it did finally happen. I am attending grad school to obtain a Masters in Library and Information Science. It's busy work. Overall, not too bad but still busy busy work. I always have lots of reading and writing to do so that has definitely taken up pretty much all of my free time. I have a few gripes already with it being an online degree but the definite plus is that I can keep my job which is cool because I'm paying about $3, 500 per semester out of pocket. Ouch. I knew my savings would come in handy at some point.

In addition, I have been trying to catch up on my reading list. I mean, I had this stack of books by my bed that were almost due and despite working at the library, keeping overdue books for any length of time does not look good on your yearly review. I've had to return a few books without even reading them. This is why I have 4 books currently "in progress" on Goodreads. The truth is that I'm really only reading two. I had to return the other two and am keeping them on there so I don't forget to finish them (because that would totally happen...)

The animated move, "The Book of Life" is actually a pretty
cool look at the holiday :) 
Aside from school there have been some changes at work. Mainly that I have been put in charge of presenting babytimes. This is like a storytime, but for babies. I've observed another librarian and reviewed the rhymes a gazillion times in my head but I'm still crazy nervous about it. They start up in about 3 weeks. Hopefully all the planning and practice pays off! In addition, I'm doing my first bilingual story time ever for my library's Day of the Dead celebration. I should be more nervous about this but I'm actually super excited. The books we're reading are awesome, the rhymes make me laugh and we get to use maracas! (I tried to petition my supervisor to allocate funds for buying traditional Mexican dresses. Needless to say, that didn't go so well. Still, I'm thinking of buying one and putting my hair up in two french braids with ribbons because that is 1. super traditional and 2. I'm all about keeping traditions going and enhancing the cultural literacy of my community.) The final pretty big project I have going is translating the catalog into Spanish. I just put in like well over 12 hours of work into this last week. Hopefully we're closer to having it fully translated. I'm aiming for it to launch in early 2016 which I think will give us enough time to assure translations are ready and any technical issues are worked out.

Finally, I am going to California! What? Why? Well, it's a very long story but basically, I'll be going with a friend from college and we'll be spending 4 days in Los Angeles/Santa Monica beach. We're totally not planning this trip as much as we should be, haha. We just kind of have a list of places we want to visit but if it doesn't work out, it just doesn't, the point is to enjoy ourselves :) (Although I will de everything in my power to visit the Los Angeles public library....)

In terms of writing, I haven't done much of anything for a while. Not even drawing sadly :/ School does take up a lot of my time and I haven't even kept up with my blog either. I'm definitely going to try to revitalize this a bit and stick to my minimum of 3 posts a month. So expect two more posts to come soon :D

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