Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some Believe It To Be A Legend

As I have progressed, little by little, writing out scenes in my journal, I reached another point where I feel I have to stop altogether once again and rethink plot lines, story layout, etc. To be quite honest, I haven't given much thought to the finer points of my novel because I'm currently at the "word vomit" stage; the stage where I simply write whatever pops into my mind. I had a very terrible incident of a particularly interesting scene popping into my mind right before church. Needless to say, I did not listen to the sermon at all, as I was too busy developing the original short dialogue into a scene in my mind. By the time I got the scene to paper, I feel like I missed some aspects that I had originally intended to include, but I am overall satisfied with the scene. I believe that if it's used, it will provide great character development.

Along the lines of character development, while I have struggled with the plot, I have not struggled quite so much with the creation of my characters. Of course, I still worry that they are cliche or simple characters. I believe that this is a problem I have faced with my writing overall, where I struggle with providing the various elements that shape a character. I have created character profiles for two of the five major characters and plan on working on the additional three as time allows. However, as I continue to simply spill my thoughts onto my journal with ink, I find that new names and characters appear. Of course, I always planned to have side characters/lesser characters, but they are appearing faster than I can account for them. They just pop up on the page like:

Therefore, I believe I need to take a moment to breathe and contemplate where it's exactly that my novel is headed.

Now, I present a small blurb regarding what the general premise of my story is (sans the more finer details of course):

Some believe it to be a legend, or a mere figment of an overactive imagination. Nevertheless, the story goes that in a tea house by the sea, there lived a tortured man who plucked at the strings on his ancient instrument, filling his home with sorrowful tunes day in and day out. They say that he was once a great warrior of the rebellion, riding at the forefront during the Battle of Rthiem's Way. They say that when he finally tasted defeat, the taste was so bitter, he fell into disarray and cost the rebellion their victory. They say he buried all his friends, others say he killed the woman he loved. Stories abound of his ability to control the weather, the millions he has stashed beneath his flower beds and his ability to make an excellent Earl Gray Tea. 
But, no one will ever know if the stories are true. This man does not exist, at least not according to the Grid; the system which tracks every living being, does not track any man such as this. In fact, according to official records his tea house is nothing but barren land. However, I can assure you that this man did exist once. His name was Sindile and this is his story. 

I wonder how that sounds. Interesting? Bland? Too Little? Too Much? Intelligent? Stupid? Cliche? Original?

Well, that is all for today. I believe I will take this blog in a new direction from now on. I will try to post pictures of character sketches or background I have made. In addition, I plan to post about any books I am currently reading/new music I have discovered/ shows I am currently enthralled with. Hopefully that way I will have more to post without worrying about giving away to much about my novel on here :)

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